This is a long difficult post because there is so much to say, so ” to make the story short” this specific post is going to ask one simple question:  why most people spend all the money of their budget remodeling the floor, the walls, the windows and even the roof but when it comes to do their kitchen they are out of money?  The spent it all and the beautiful kitchen they dreamed of is now “off” the list due to they cannot afford it? Look around, ask your friends it happens all the time when someone is doing a big remodeling.

Do you want to know in a short way the remodeling process of an older house?  Usually starts with the roof, with no roof there is no house so for obvious reasons it is a must!  Once you have the roof well, walking around the house requires a floor, it could be leaving the old carpet and cleaning it or redoing it, or changing it for new tile, so there goes another big chunk of budget, why?  because you won’t want to change a little piece, just for the kitchen, when the floor company comes they will make you change it all, they are persuasive and yes, nothing like a fresh new floor to renew a house.  During this process you might want to see the plumbing because if you don’t then you might have to cut onto the new floor you just installed, so yes, plumbing must be done even before the floor or at the same time, and once you have all these the walls are a mess and you probably want to knock one or two walls to make a bigger kitchen as you all have dreamed it so many times so, there you go demolishing walls and better if you did this again, before doing the floors so nothing gets damaged in the process.  If the house doesn’t need new windows or a new AC or heater it is probable that you are ready to do your kitchen to find out you already maxed out your budget and now you are looking to make a $3,000 dollar kitchen instead of the dreamed $30,000 top of the line “heart of the home” kitchen.  How could this happen?

Well, because you did it all the wrong way!!!!!!

Some of the mistakes?  Lack of planning ahead and lack of knowing each quote ahead, including probable “additional” expenses,  but specifically  for not getting a precise design of the kitchen with everything you wanted and quoted to perfection so you could know exactly how much it will cost you and how much you could then have left to do the rest of the renovations.  But if you start doing things in the house without knowing your exact budget for your kitchen, you would probably won’t have the funds to do it at the end after all so many renovations and expenses that arise when doing remodels from such magnitude.  Things happen and in an old house they will happen, so in most cases those “things” are the ones that eat the budget of the kitchen and at the end the client ends up with a new renovated awesome house with a not good cheap mediocre kitchen.


If you wonder how do we know this the answers is simple:   we have been doing this since 2005 and have seen sooo many cases like this we thought we needed to make a blog so people know ahead what can happen.  It might sound stupid to tell everyone that they might end without a kitchen, because people think they plan and organize things well ahead, but the reality is it happens ALL THE TIME;  and usually the budget is eaten by expert “remodelers”  who know how to milk their customers including selling them at the end a kitchen that is cheap, and not the best functional kitchen for the space, but they don’t care because they got all the money of the project and made their client to spend every penny. They don’t know how to do kitchens but they hire someone and that’s what the clients end up having due to they spent it all doing all the other remodeling in their house.(Ask our neighbors, they had a tree fallen in their roof, got good money from the insurance and all that money went to the GC who came to “help”, at the end our neighbors came with such a face of sadness to tell us that they only had $2,500 left for a kitchen so all the parts and things they dreamed to have will have to wait… yep the GC did their kitchen four cabinets in particleboard and a Formica countertop they had to pay apart, bought in the big store.. sad, incredible).   The very few cases this has not happened is when we get the customer to pay for the cabinets before the GC comes in, or the floor guys.

How to avoid this?  By starting with the kitchen!  This means hiring a company to do the new layout, or an improved one.   Don’t ask to have the same old kitchen made, thinking it will be cheaper or easier when you are doing a new house with new kitchen that is supposed to last another 10 to 30 years.  Do a new layout, improve the function, add a recycling bin or drawers or move the fridge and make a better kitchen, but for this let an expert to guide you.  Pay for the design if necessary but have what you want and how you want it.  Once you have the new layout you can have the list of parts and cabinets for your kitchen.  If you paid for the design the cabinet company must provide you the complete list; if you didn’t pay for it don’t expect them to give you their work for free so others benefit from it. So, list in hand you can go to the big stores to get quotes; to the smaller stores to get quotes and even to the internet companies if you want to.  Compare “apples to apples” (we did a blog about how to do this here is the link:     )  and once you decide with whom you are going to work, you can then decide what walls to bring down to accommodate your new kitchen, what floor will go well with your new kitchen, what plumbing or electrical you need to do for your kitchen, etc.  But don’t buy appliances without even having a layout, we have seen this over and over and then they find out the appliances don’t fit, or there are no good cabinets for these for example, a weird double oven and no one could find a cabinet to install it to?

So yes there is a process and an order to do the renovations, but it must start and end with the kitchen, so you can have it all as planned and perfect.  This means, start with designing the kitchen, buying and ordering the cabinets and use the four weeks they take to arrive remodeling the house so it is ready for the installation once the cabinets get to your door.

When you start your remodel by the kitchen you will find out everything runs smoothly and at the end, after all is done, when the kitchen is installed you can start to create great memories  in the new heart of your home!


Contact us if you have any questions, we proudly serve Central Florida

Best regards,

may your project be fun!


Maria and Orlando Rodriguez.

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