Don’t think that because it is a new house the kitchen will be perfectly designed by the builder… sorry to say they don’t know much about designing kitchens and frankly, they don’t care!  Even many Architects don’t know how to design “the function” of the kitchen, and even many interior designers can’t do them well either,  to the extent there is a special career for learning how to design kitchens and bathrooms, so you do need an expert when you seek for advise!

The only way to have a great kitchen is you jumping in and deciding to revise the layout of the kitchen the builder is going to make in your new house and get it corrected if needed by a professional. You can always have a great kitchen if you know how to maximize the space, if not,  your kitchen could not be functional regardless of how big  the space is.

A new house means the opportunity of having the things made right, don’t let this very important part of your house – the “heart of the home”, your kitchen- to be made without much care and attention.

Please look at the pictures of the beautiful kitchen we made in this new house.  The client told us:  “don’t break your brain creating a new layout because there is not much space and the builder already designed it, we only need you to provide us with the cabinets”.  We said ok, let us take a look and we will tell you what we can do; a week later when we showed them our Model they  didn’t say a word.  We were worried they didn’t like it so I had to ask, what is that you don’t like or you would want us to change? And they said:  “nothing”.  Still this didn’t say much so we insisted until they said they were just speechless seeing what we did when they had the prints from the builder with a tiny kitchen that was not very functional and couldn’t even fit a nice  island?  The difference was we turned the kitchen, we moved the appliances around, we used the next wall to create more storage and a nice little bar, and then we customized the design of the island with a picture that the client had saved for years and showed us as their “inspiration”.  We made them the exact same island of the picture and for such a ridiculous price.  They told us they had a quote from a guy that was going to “customize the island”  and his price was the one we asked for the whole kitchen!

We always surprise the clients with layouts they never imagined and we have the ability to “grow” their space into a very functional pretty kitchen.  Can you tell we looove doing this?

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